Our Real Bone Broth is certified organic and available in natural grocers around the country!

We pay meticulous attention to the ingredients we use. We start with Organic, Pastured, Free-Range Chickens, Grass-fed and Grass-Finished Organic Beef and triple filtered water. We add organic apple cider vinegar to pull the vitamins and minerals from the bones into the stock. We use the finest Celtic Sea salt on the market, Selina Naturally® which provides over 80 naturally occurring minerals. We use the old world, traditional method of cooking the bones based on Weston A. Price guidelines. Our chicken bone broth is cooked for 24 hours and our beef is cooked for 48. No shortcuts here!  We immediately cool the broth and freeze it.

No plastic utensils are used so there is no risk of any chemicals leeching into the broth. Each pot is handcrafted in small batches. Real Bone Broth the way it has been made for centuries. 

The cooking of the bones results in a broth rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins that promote strength, tonify blood, nourish in times of sickness and rehabilitation, and help to prevent and relieve bone and connective tissue disorders.

Our broth is an excellent choice for those who seek optimal nutrition through broth but are short on time. Our Real Bone Broth has been used by families, GAPS clients, the paleo community and nutritional therapy practitioners with great success. We recommend drinking it daily. Whether it replaces a morning cup of coffee, is a base for soups and sauces or is a soothing end to a long day, we are confident it will taste as if you had just taken it off the stove yourself.

In Wellness,

Sharon Brown, Certified GAPS Practitoner, Nutritional Therapist & Reb Brown, Chef